N4E have highly experienced fibre optic engineers and we offer both Singlemode and Multimode fibre. All fibre terminations are fusion spliced for a near loss-less splice. Whether its fibre backbone links or data centre cabinet to cabinet links, we have the right skill set to carry out your requirement.

Types of fibre

Loose tube and Tight buffered fibre available in internal/External grade and Rodent proof (CST/SWA).

  • Multimode (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4.
  • Singlemode (OS1, OS2)

Terminations available

We offer a full range of termination options so depending on your requirement you can chose from.

  • LC-LC
  • ST-ST
  • SC-SC

N4E have noticed that the price cabling companies are charging for fibre links can be extortionate and we don’t believe that fibre links are a license to print money! We guarantee we can save you a considerable amount of money and by simply comparing our prices to other companies quotes you can see for yourself.

Our prices stand out because we know the true cost of fibre installation. We have state of the art fusion splicing equipment and all aspects of installations are carried out by our in-house engineers unlike some companies.

Our Fibre experts are ready and available to help you choose which suits your requirements best and rest assured we will not bombard you with technical jargon and will help you understand fully what will need to be done.

On completion of every fibre installation we issue full test results so you can see that our work has been tested to industry standards.

As well as new installations we also offer testing of existing fibre links and also emergency call out to repair.

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